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Saturday, February 27, 2010

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Radblast Radar

Radblast Radar

How do I save a Screen Shot?

The first thing you should find is the Print Screen button. Illustrated on the left, by pressing this button you are storing an image of the entire screen to the clipboard. This is handy if you run across an image that has been broke down into several tables or if you just want to capture a particular part of the screen. You may also press Alt + Print Screen and capture only the active window (the window on top). If you are using a laptop, you may have to use a function key, i.e. Fun.+PrtScrn. 

Either way, you have to render the image somewhere, like Paint. SO if you have already pressed the Print Screen button, Go to Start/All Programs/Accessories/Paint:

You can either go to Edit/Paste:

Or click the selector tool then right click and Paste. When you paste the image onto the Paint window, you can then "grab" the image by cursoring over the image and holding down the left click. Move the image to the desired area starting with the top and left:

Then use the grey squares (the cropping margin) to narrow in your bottom and right borders:

The final product should be the image the way you want to save it:

Go to File/Save As to store the photo, after this step you can upload or use it in your projects.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How do I Cut, Copy and Paste?

I have been seeing this question come in many different forms while on the the statistics tracker, so I have decided to make this post and link it to the main page so that hopefully I'm making this a little easier on somebody to find. Something to keep in mind before we get started is that in Windows, there is what is refered to as a "Clipboard." When ever you make a body of text, you can drag a box over that text and manipulate it. If you right click your mouse on the text you've highlighted, a menu pops up with several options. Though there are many different things you can do from these right click menus, we are just covering these three. The following are the functions of each option, and alternate ways of executing the commands without right clicking, ya know so I can turn you into a true pro...

"Cut" remove the selected item but save to clipboard. Ctrl X

"Copy" the selected area to the clipboard, without removing from the document. Ctrl C

"Paste" the item you saved to the clipboard to the document you are editing. Ctrl V

Note: each time you Copy or Cut something new, it automatically replaces the other data you had on the clipboard. This right clicking will become addictive, if you've not been used to it before, prepare to use the force. Try to right click on a picture and then "save the image." This is where it starts getting iffy. You should always make sure that the stuff that you are using is not used in a way that could be construed as Copyright Infringement. I am no medium on these rules and regulations so I won't even begin to sort what's ok, and what's not. It's not hard to figure out though, and if you know how to be original, you won't worry to much about these rules. There are so many more options when right clicking, but at least now that question is resolved.

For more lessons and ideas for your blog or website, see my other blog, Cut|Copy|Paste. If you have any questions or comments about this post or how to apply it, please direct them there so they are catalogued with the other material.


Google Chrome Test Drive

Had to check out the Google Chrome browser, I figure it has been out long enough now for them to have worked out most of the bugs. It's simple in design, there's not a whole lot of reason to switch at first glance. When I first tested Opera, I was captivated at first touch. There were plainly features available that set it apart from it's I.E. predecessor. Opera also wasted no time when it came to bragging about security, I didn't see any of the lofty promises when I went through the download for Chrome. In fact, there's hardly any security options after the install. At least whisper sweetly in my ear that the add-ons and widgets will come. Oh well, it's always great to have another web browser in the programs menu I suppose. I just don't see this climbing into the number one seat just yet. A for effort, C for the delivery. I give it 2 Stars ✮✮

Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Remix to the Shark Video; Music by: Enigma "Sadness"


Thursday, February 11, 2010

How do I get my Video from my Camcorder to my Computer...?

 This is a U.S.B. to R.C.A. adapter from Radio Shack. It's primary function is to act as the connection between your PC and your Camcorder. This unit can also hook up to your DVD, VCR, etc. Once you have this adapter connected to both devices, you start Recording the video using the software they give you when you purchase the adapter. Once you have recorded all the media you are trying to Record to the computer, you may use an upload website such as YouTube or any of various other providers. Note that unless you edit the scenes as you are Recording them, they will not be able to be edited after you upload the video to the Internet. You can take the file and open it in Windows Movie Maker, there are numerous tools in Movie Maker which allow you to chop and edit the entire video. 

Windows Movie Maker is available on almost all standard PC's even though you may not be able to find it in the start menu. There are also some programs you may not have fully installed when you first loaded your Computer's software, however, the programs should still be there. You may have to go into the "C" Drive to "Program Files." Locate the folder entitled Movie Maker, or Windows Movie Maker. Once inside the folder, there will be an icon that says Moviemkr.dll, Select this icon and it should open the Movie Maker Program. There are a lot of features with this program, I am thinking of doing an intro to WMM. In the meantime, play with it for a while, make a video of all your family photos, or try your own rendition of the BlairWitch Project. Simply drag your files onto the timeline. Here's a screen shot from the main page:


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