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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Take a Cruise on the River

Public Cruises

Navigate the beautiful Oklahoma River aboard an Oklahoma River Cruise. Cruises depart daily April - December, a one leg trip lasts approximately 45 minutes. Oklahoma River Cruises is a fun and exciting family-friendly adventure. Get on board and you’ll experience exceptional service and beautiful views of Oklahoma City.

NEW IN 2010: EXCHANGE LANDING.... This landing is located half way between both the western landing at Meridian and the eastern landing at Regatta Park. They will start the cruises at Exchange landing and travel east to the Regatta Park landing, then back to the Exchange landing and then west to the Meridian landing and then back to the Exchange landing. This schedule will continue throughout the day, so if you are wanting to take the full 7 mile cruise, you will need to include Exchange Landing in your booking reservation. You can start your cruise from any of the three landings. Plan your cruise before going to their booking page.

While you're on board, ask the deck hand about our array of beverages and snacks! *You can even order box lunches or special event cakes to be ready when you board! Just give them a call at 702-7755 to order.

Public cruises sell out fast! A limited number of walk up tickets are available at each boarding area. Online ticket purchase is recommended. All cruises board at either Regatta Park (701 S Lincoln Blvd.), Meridian Landing (SW 15 & Meridian) or Exchange Landing (1503 Exchange).


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

When at Starbucks....

This is the Java Chip Frappucino, a frothy frozen mocha based cappuccino, with toffee flavored chips. These are my summertime favorite. Though there are other flavors such as strawberry and carmel, this one has the most 'coffee' like accent. This was also the first drink I ever bought from Starbucks. They pushed out the Frappucino Bottles that they sell at convenience stores, and just out of curiosity, I had to stop in at one of their stores to try one served fresh. Let me tell ya, if you are thinking that the bottled version tastes just as good as the one in the store, ye be wrong. It is always worth it to go to the source, though the bottled version has it's own unique enjoyable taste, nothing tops the in store version with all the whipped cream and chocolate topping. This and other things good, are things I am thinking about writing a series on, if for no other reason, to remind me of What's Good. McDonalds has been a contender in the race to market Coffee House styled drinks, and though the Iced Mocha and Frappe are pretty good, there just lacks a little bit of the sophisticated taste that Starbucks has always been known for. At some point they should join each others team, it's kinda like the ole Krispy Kream fad, yeah they have good doughnuts, but the coffee sucks, and Mickey D's is getting the other way around, the Coffee's alright, but the breakfast sucks, not to mention extremely unhealthy (not that Krispy Kreams are a good source of your daily recommended whatevers). 


Monday, April 19, 2010

He that reads good writers and picks out their flowers for his own will have the best looking arrangement and the most attractive of fragrances. The bees pillage the flowers here and there but they make honey of them which is all their own; it is no longer thyme or marjolaine: the pieces borrowed will transform and mix up into a work that is truly unique. -PC

more stuff I stole...

"There are only two occasions when I will drink: When I'm alone, or if I'm with someone.... Otherwise, I never touch the stuff!"

"BUFFET." "Big Ugly Fat Fuckers Eating Together."

Yeah, you're girlfriend seemed nice. A little too nice as a matter of fact. I bet she's seen more rubbers than a dead skunk laying on the side of the highway."

That smell could knock a buzzard off a shit wagon

"If it weren't for the pussy, dumpsters everywhere would be full of women."

"Never accept road head while driving down a gravel road. One pot hole, and it's all over."

"Hi, I'm Robert, and this is my son Richard Crainium, but you can just call him dickhead."

"I'll hit you so hard, you'll starve to death before you stop rolling."


"I like the dog. If he can't eat it, or fuck it, he pisses on it. I can get behind that."

"Son, people will always try and fuck you. Don't waste your life planning for a fucking, just be alert when your pants are down."

"You're gonna run into jerk offs. But remember, it's not the size of the asshole you worry about, it's how much shit comes out of it."

Why the fuck would I want to live to 100? I'm 73 and shit's starting to get boring. By the way, there's no money left when I go, just fyi.

"It's just a fucking june bug, calm down. Jesus Christ, what happens when something bigger than a testicle attacks you?"

"The dog don't like you planting stuff there. It's his backyard. If you're the only one who shits in something, you own it. Remember that."

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Country Music

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