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Thursday, February 11, 2010

How do I get my Video from my Camcorder to my Computer...?

 This is a U.S.B. to R.C.A. adapter from Radio Shack. It's primary function is to act as the connection between your PC and your Camcorder. This unit can also hook up to your DVD, VCR, etc. Once you have this adapter connected to both devices, you start Recording the video using the software they give you when you purchase the adapter. Once you have recorded all the media you are trying to Record to the computer, you may use an upload website such as YouTube or any of various other providers. Note that unless you edit the scenes as you are Recording them, they will not be able to be edited after you upload the video to the Internet. You can take the file and open it in Windows Movie Maker, there are numerous tools in Movie Maker which allow you to chop and edit the entire video. 

Windows Movie Maker is available on almost all standard PC's even though you may not be able to find it in the start menu. There are also some programs you may not have fully installed when you first loaded your Computer's software, however, the programs should still be there. You may have to go into the "C" Drive to "Program Files." Locate the folder entitled Movie Maker, or Windows Movie Maker. Once inside the folder, there will be an icon that says Moviemkr.dll, Select this icon and it should open the Movie Maker Program. There are a lot of features with this program, I am thinking of doing an intro to WMM. In the meantime, play with it for a while, make a video of all your family photos, or try your own rendition of the BlairWitch Project. Simply drag your files onto the timeline. Here's a screen shot from the main page:


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