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Monday, August 25, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, you do realize you can help people for no reason, right?

First of all, I guess I am just totally ashamed of the way we as a country go about our day to days with little or no regard to the people we share the planet with. I understand the need to give, but the need to be completely douchey has overcompensated itself in this scenario. Say it out loud, go ahead. I am challenging you damnit, so you have to say it out loud! Say, "I am ___________ and this is the ice bucket challenge!" This, it's this very statement that people find most fascinating I believe, that and the actual preforming on the camera for an assumed audience. The person being filmed is eager to acquire attention for their actions, or in this case reactions. I can't talk too bad about that, I've made my fair share of videos to tout my interests. With that said, I think this particular equation is just most asinine. Dumping a bucket of water over ones head to only have to pay the least amount of money to a charity, in this case being the ALS foundation. The reason people pour water over their heads in this challenge is to raise awareness of the affects of the disease, it's the exposure of the ice and water causing one to shiver and feel shaky that is supposed to be the way one could "mock" it's symptoms (which just by itself is a pretty douche move.)

Hang on, it gets better! So, now that we've skipped past having to pay $100 dollars in return for doing the IBC, we post our video to social media and challenge three or four of our "buddies" to engage in the same mockery! So we spread this, like a disease. Our friends do it, because come on, hey it looks cool right? I'm one of the gang, we are fighting the good fight for this noble cause thingy! Sad part is, the majority of the sheeple will follow suit because we are all just that trendy.

Let's do a little math here. If you do the IBC, then you only have to donate $10. So just as a loose observation, if one person just used one bucket of water weighing in at one gallon (that's being generous to this equation) for every $10 donation, that's 4.2 million gallons worth of water that has been pissed away by this campaign (or at least that's the count today, aprox 42 million dollars in donations.) Mind you, there were people that used cement trucks, front end loaders, fire trucks, the list could go on of people that used more than their fair share of needed water for this challenge alone. You have to believe too, that there are those generous hearts out there that gave way more than their fair share of a donation. So for all those loose numbers one cannot be certain of the actual amounts, but that's crazy in just those terms: 4.2 million gallons of ice could water pissed away for our amusement. If I am the only one that sees this in this way. I am lost in this world.

Next I will whine about doctors, charities and hospitals. I hate doctors and hospitals, because I think they are way overpriced and way under experienced. Worse than that, they are competition with one another to provide your health-care. We are not benefiting from this competition either. The last time doctors or hospitals or donations cured anything was polio. Except of course for erectile dysfunction and diet cravings. How do you charge a sick man so much money that he could lose his home and way of life to fund means that aren't justified. I'm not lying when I say they can charge you 50 bucks for an aspirin in an emergency situation. Take a ride via ambulance to a local hospital, it'll only run you a grand or so. Really? This is what we want to throw money at? A failing, degraded, sorry system of health and wellness. I am curious to know the amount of money that ALS donations were acquired and where they applied to, be it overhead for "raising awareness" or actual research or programs provided for victims of this disease. How will this continue in the wake of these major fundings. Americans are fickle after all, next week they'll be into something even lamer, we all remember "planking."

Slacktivism is a relatively new term with only negative connotations being associated with it as of recently. The whole thinking is that instead of actually donating money, you’re attributing your time and a social post in place of that donation. Basically, instead of donating $10 to Charity XYZ, slacktivism would have you create a Facebook Post about how much you care about Charity XYZ- generating immediate and heightened awareness but lacking any actual donations and long term impact. Previous examples of slacktivism are not hard to find- remember in 2012 when everyone, and I mean everyone, shared the Kony video? Very few people knew who Kony was, how they could donate or where they could get involved- but all of a sudden, these viewers (myself, included) could contribute! We could share the Kony video on our Facebook and Twitter — and while doing so, eliminating any chance we may have had at donating our time or money towards an actual prevention or cause directly related to the capture of Kony. You see, we valued our social posts at an incrementally higher cost than a donation- and by placing a sub-concioucs value on our Facebook post or Tweet, we told ourselves that we had done our part in trying to find Kony and then were able to pleasantly shift our thinking back to what we were going to eat for lunch. We had helped. We had participated. We patted ourselves on the back. We had tweeted. (Via the HuffPo)


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